5g for My Business? Everything to Know About the Important Switch

Is your business looking for a way to become faster and more productive? If you’re thinking of making the jump, you might still be wondering “is getting 5G for my Business the way to go?”.

Having a faster network opens up tons of possibilities for your business and 5G networks have become increasingly affordable. We’re now in the sweet spot where it’s not so new as to be too expensive, and not too old that you won’t be future proofing your business.

What Is 5G?

For many, 5G is just a number and a letter. It doesn’t actually mean anything. We know it’s supposed to be fast and it’s one better than 4G. But, just how much better?

For many, 5G is just a number and a letter. It doesn’t actually mean anything. We know it’s supposed to be fast and it’s one better than 4G. But, just how much better?

1G (First generation)

Hitting most markets by the mid-1980s, 1G was the very first mobile network allowing for cellular phone calls. The audio quality was terrible and there was no security to speak of (anyone with a radio scanner could listen to a call).

The first commercial cell phone ever made was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x, better known as “The Brick”. It was big, bulky, and you could talk for a grand total of 35 minutes before the battery would die.

You have to start somewhere.


Home of the “Candy Bar Phones” such as the Nokia 3210, this network improved audio quality and introduced encryption, allowing for more secure calls. It also had blistering download speeds of up to 0.2 Mbps.

However, the real leap forward this network brought with it was the data transfer feature. This gave cell phones some of the first basic smartphone features and introduced text and multimedia messages to the world.


This is when network speeds finally got fast enough to really usher in the age of the smartphone. With faster speeds you could stream music, conference calls, live chat, and surf the internet straight from your phone.

It was also the era when Apple’s first iPhone hit the market.


This is the network you might be using now. The main difference when jumping to 4G was the speed. It allowed for HD video streaming and calls, fast internet access, online gaming, and more.

You also couldn’t just switch SIM cards to make the jump to 4G either. This network required phones built from the ground up specifically for the service.


Introduced in 2019, 5G is the newest, fastest network available.

The most obvious improvement is with speeds, eventually expected to be 20 times faster than the previous generation. 5G also provides a much wider frequency range, allowing it to connect more devices to the “Internet of Things”.

Should We Become A 5G Business?

In short, yes!

There are many benefits when it comes to saying yes to “5G for my business?”, but here are the most compelling three:

It’s Way Faster

As discussed above, 5G speeds are expected to be incredibly (seriously, ridiculously) fast and are already eclipsing 4G speeds today. This increase in speed will translate to a direct boost in productivity for you and your business.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Another point we already touched on, 5G allows for a wide variety of devices to be connected to a single network. The IoT is transforming the way companies are doing business.

Increased Security

We probably don’t need to tell you that solving breaches in your business’ security is expensive. 5G offers better encryption and enhanced security features not available on the previous network.

Having an expert security team like QuickProtect on your side is also a smart choice. If you want to know more about how your business can be more secure. We’re here to help.