Who is QuickProtect?

As much as we are experts, we are educators! Members of the QuickProtect team will work with you, your business and your team to stop security breaches, recover lost data, and put preventative measures in place to protect against future breaches. All the while making sure you and your team learn to spot potential dangers.

Why QuickProtect?

Cybersecurity and IT awareness matter more to us than sales. We know cyberprotection can be intimidating, which is why we dedicate time to education, training, and awareness in everything that we do. At QuickProtect, we want to be your trusted advisors. You don’t need to become an expert in cybersecurity, that’s what we’re here for.

Guided By Our Pillars

At QuickProtect, everything we do aligns with our foundational pillars: protection, guidance, and on-demand support. Cyberprotection is our #1 focus, but educating our users is just as important. We created The QuickLearning Centre to answer your questions and help you and your users understand what they need to do to protect themselves and your company’s assets.
We’re here 24/7 for cybersecurity issues, IT issues, and to help you respond to incidents when they happen.

Who is Quick Intelligence?

Quick Intelligence is the mother organization of QuickProtect! Using the ‘outcome as a service’ model and cloud capabilities, Quick Intelligence specializes in storing, protecting, and monetizing your data.
Did you know? Many of the experts at Quick Intelligence are on the QuickProtect team, too. No matter which team you’re working with, you’ll be in good hands!

Meet the experts that make up The QuickProtect team.

Daneige Gagnon

Senior Director, Client Engagement & Security Operations

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