QuickProtect Keeps Endpoints in Check

At QuickProtect we focus on providing real-time protection, blocking viruses, malware, and ransomware. Endpoint protection protects the user’s machine no matter where they are, and includes making copies of critical data offsite and offline — it can’t be affected even if the machine is. This solution is designed to block malicious websites, automatically patch systems, and scan for vulnerabilities.

How Does Endpoint
Protection Work?

Endpoint security constantly monitors and protects the entry points of your network, whether that be laptops, desktop computers and mobile devices connected to your server, or sources that upload to your cloud. It goes without saying that the more entry points there are to your network, the more vulnerable your business is to ransomware, hackers, and malicious viruses. Effective endpoint protection platforms (EPP) examine files as they come through entry points. Once the endpoints have been established, the software will authenticate log-ins, apply the policies of the business it’s protecting, and update the endpoints as necessary. With an EPP in place, you and your business have a defense mechanism ready to go at any possible entry to your network.

Cloud Based EPP

Endpoint protection platforms that function from a cloud server rather than locally have an added advantage. Since the EPP has endless space to store its database (think, a reference library) of threats to be detected, this frees the endpoints of storing this information. Since this information is stored in the cloud rather than locally, it makes for faster accessing and examining of data.

What Counts as an Endpoint?

The most common types of endpoints are ones you may interact with daily, such as:
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