The Internet isn’t as safe as you think!

Using the internet is a common part of the average work day, but it also comes with its own risks. QuickProtect helps companies protect their team from targeted attacks while surfing the web. We protect against cybersquatting, malicious browser extensions, malvertising, web tracking, and tabnabbing. We ensure you have strong privacy, security, and performance.

QuickProtect strives to protect against:

Cybersquatting is when someone either registers, uses, or sells another company’s domain name and uses it with ill intent. The cybersquatter can then try to sell the name back to the original company.
Browser extensions can be very beneficial, but some can cause some really frustrating problems. Malicious browser extensions can go on and collect your private data. Even some good extensions can be hijacked and become harmful even if it wasn’t to begin with.
Did you know advertisements can be malicious? Some advertisements spread malware and put some systems in jeopardy. This happens when malicious codes get injected into the ads and are then displayed on various websites to encourage people to interact with the ad.
Web tracking is the process of an individual’s activities on the internet being tracked, collected, and shared. There are a few different types of methods for web tracking including IP address tracking, HTTP cookies, web beacons, and browser fingerprinting.
Sometimes clicking away from a tab could be potentially dangerous. Tabnabbing is when someone clicks away from an open tab which can allow hackers to swoop in and redirect the site to one that they have control over. These sites look identical to the one you were on and can trick you into thinking it’s the same site and wait for you to log in to steal your information.

QuickProtect combats these risks through:


Here at QuickProtect, we make sure to hide your company and confirm that your company’s information is untrackable.


QuickProtect provides AI-based protection which fights off modern web threats such as tabnabbing and malvertising.


We not only protect you from malware, but we also improve your navigation experience and confirm the reduction of traffic load.