Offline & Offsite Backup

A Must in Any Cybersecurity Plan

This protection measure is a must in any cybersecurity plan! Offline & offsite backup is an integral part of QuickProtect’s full-range protection. To conduct offsite and offline backups, software (also referred to as an ‘agent’) is installed on the laptops and desktops used by you and your team. The agent creates a daily copy of all information, and this data is backed up to an offsite facility. With the data out of the office and off your employee’s machines, it’s safe from being compromised in a potential breach. Since the data is offline, it can’t be corrupted even if a user’s machine is attacked with ransomware or other viruses. If a machine happens to get infected, QuickProtect will detect it in real-time and stop data from being corrupted.

In most cases, we can automatically delete infected files and restore the original data either from the cache (a computer’s temporary memory) or from the offsite/offline backup. With offsite and offline backups in place, the goal is that even if one or more machines are infected with ransomware, the copied data can be used to bring all devices back to their original state. What could have been a catastrophic data compromise becomes a minor inconvenience with QuickProtect.

Onsite & Online Backup

  • One copy of your business’ data
  • Local storage devices – hard drives, CDs, USBs, etc. —are vulnerable to data theft
  • Onsite storage is subject to damage from physical elements 
  • Businesses are limited to the amount of space they have to store data

Offsite & Offline Backup

  • Multiple copies of data thanks to various servers in different locations
  • Data is encrypted before it’s sent offsite 
  • Offsite backups keep data safe in multiple locations and/or in the cloud
  • Whether remote or in the cloud (or both), offsite backups allow for unlimited storage capacity