Why Is Internet Safety Important and What Are The Risks?

Not to sound like a spy thriller, but threats really can lurk around every corner. Why is internet safety important? Because it will save you money, time, and help you avoid a lot of pain and suffering.

Just what types of threats are out there?


Malware is a malicious software you unknowingly download to your system that can disrupt and steal personal information. There are many forms of malware, including:


Allows a hacker to see exactly what you’re doing on your screen and even what keys you’re typing. This can make stealing things like passwords and personal information very easy.


Less dangerous and more annoying, adware spams unwanted advertisements on an infected device. While certainly a headache, it can also cause the computer to perform much more slowly.


This form of malware usually targets a medium- to large-sized business, but that’s not always the case. Ransomware locks you out of your system or steals information and demands a payment. Often, the data is still lost or made public even if the victim pays the hacker.


Phishing is an attempt to steal personal or sensitive information by posing as a legitimate source. Sometimes, this technique is also used in combination with malware, tricking victims into downloading harmful software to their system.

There are also plenty of different types of phishing that devious parties will use to deceive victims.

Email Phishing

The most common form of phishing, this is a fake email that appears to come from a legitimate source. They typically link to malicious websites or claim false payment errors, asking victims to input credit card information.

Spear Fishing

A more targeted version of email phishing, the hacker will use public channels to gather information and use it to more easily trick someone. They often pose as someone from within the same company as the victim.

Want to learn more about Phishing, read our full list of phishing types.

What Can You Do?

The good news is that you’re already taking the first step: learning more about potential threats and answering the question “why is internet safety important?”. Making sure you’re aware of what might harm your business will allow you to be more prepared.

There are also some quick tips you should always be following:

Password Best Practices

Often the first line of defence against hackers, a weak password is a one way ticket to a data breach. Never reuse passwords, avoid common ones, and we highly recommend using some form of multi-factor authentication.

Check out this full list of best practices.

Email Safety

Never click emails from unknown sources, be on the lookout for bad grammar or spelling,  and flag suspicious requests, even if it’s from a trusted source.

Microsoft has a fantastic list of tips to follow.


There are plenty of effective anti-virus programs available that will help stop numerous threats from ever reaching you. You should also consider downloading a good anti-virus program for mobile devices too.

However, the best way to make sure your business is protected? Work with the team of experts at QuickProtect. We simplify cybersecurity, so you can concentrate on your business. 

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