Data Recovery Versus Offsite Backup: Which Is More Reliable?

Your data is one of the most valuable and important assets your business has. Therefore, if the worst were to happen and all that data is somehow lost, how bad off would you be? If you have an offsite recovery service in place, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you may have to look into data recovery instead.

There are many ways you can lose your data. Files or folders can be accidentally deleted or a storage device can be formatted. A file system may become damaged as a result of a power outage or software crash. Physical or water damage can also lead to hardware failure, while software errors could lead to the accidental deletion of your data.

What Is Data Recovery?

When you mark a file or folder as deleted, it’s not really gone. Not yet. The space that it takes up on your storage device is essentially marked as being available for new files. Some of the deleted file’s identifying information are also erased. However, data recovery software can scan your storage device for files in this state and might be able to help get them back. 

With free, paid, and advanced data recovery software available, there are a few methods out there for recovering your data. However, recovering data can be very costly and time-consuming, with no guaranteed results.

Offsite Backup Is The More Reliable Way To Go

Recovery is the cure to lost data, while offsite backup prevents data from ever being lost. And as they say, prevention is better than cure. Backing up your data offsite and offline is a much more reliable way of recovering your data after it is lost. Should you somehow lose your data, getting it back is as simple as copying files from one device to another.

You could use a USB key or network-connected storage device, but on-premises or local backup methods are often vulnerable to physical damage. This means your precautions could fall short in the event of a natural disaster like a flooded server room.

This Is Where QuickProtect Comes In

Fortunately, there is a way of avoiding these risks. Offline and offsite backup is an integral part of QuickProtect’s full-range protection. We install software on the laptops and desktops being used by you or your team, which creates daily copies of all information for you. This data is then backed up to an offsite facility.

With data out of the office and off your employee’s machines, it is safe and secure. Since the data is also stored offline, it cannot be corrupted, even if an employee’s device is hit with a ransomware attack.

On top of all that, if a machine happens to get infected, QuickProtect will detect it in real-time, and stop data from being corrupted altogether. In most cases, we can automatically delete infected files and restore the original data either from the computer’s temporary memory or from the offsite and offline backup.

Get in touch with QuickProtect today to learn more about how we can help keep your data safe and secure.