Why you Need to Create a Positive Work Environment for Cyber Security

You may have heard about companies who shame employees who have unintentionally caused a cyber incident at work. While it’s true that all it takes is one wrong click by an employee, shaming staff won’t improve cyber security. You need to create a positive work environment for cyber security.

An editorial in thinkdigitalpartners.com quotes British cyber firm CybSafe. They state that punishing your staff after a cyber crime situation is a bad way of fixing the problem. It’s unfair and can cause lots of stress. It also doesn’t help with improving an understanding of cyber security. Besides that, the company mentions that harsh punishments can lead to delayed reports of cyber crimes. Employees will feel scared to report the crimes in case it gets them in trouble with their boss.

So, how can your business create a positive work environment around cyber security?

positive work environment

Johanna Baum, founder and CEO of Strategic Security Solutions, has a couple tips. He suggests finding an approach that improves the learning of cyber security awareness of all the employees. You need to create a positive work environment. Although it might be difficult, it’s a better solution than mocking the transgressor. Baum states that it’s better to train your employees about cyber security and make it feel like second nature to them. Have it be a regular part of their daily routine instead of making it a company regulation. This way, the company will be safer and it’s better than firing an employee that got caught up in the hacking.

Setting up a cyber security culture around positivity can be difficult, but it is certainly more effective than using fear and shame. Remember, everyone makes mistakes. Even senior IT people can be fooled by a well-crafted phishing email. If you are trying to grow a more positive work environment for cyber security in your organization, talk to the experts at QuickProtect. They can help you build out a positive cyber awareness training program. We also provide you with other cyber security products and services to protect your business.