Why is the Internet so Risky?

So, you started a new business and you want to get it on the Internet. Businesses like yours get on the Internet for many reasons. The most basic reason is that in order to gain and retain customers, you need to have an online presence. Whether you have an informational website, e-commerce website, or are transferring data through the cloud, there are risks that come with being online.

Why is The Internet so Risky?

Why is the internet risky?

Using the Internet has become incredibly risky. This is because the criminals and hackers have recognized the Internet as a source of almost limitless information. In today’s digital economy, information = money.  All data, no matter how innocuous or almost irrelevant it may seem to you, has value to someone. 

With everything we know about the risks and required protection, the vast majority of companies online aren’t taking adequate steps for security. Some businesses claim that they don’t protect their businesses because it’s too costly, too complicated, and it takes too long.

Why Should I Protect my Information?

The combination of information (remember, information=money) along with many unprotected systems hosting that information creates a breeding ground for criminals. This provides them with a very comfortable living online stealing information and holding systems hostage. The cost of cybercrime is now estimated to hit $6 trillion in 2021 by Cybersecurity Ventures.  If you aren’t taking reasonable effort to protect yourself and your business online, you’re simply helping to perpetuate the problem. It’s time to break the cycle!

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